The Female Founders Monitor (FFM) is…

the key study on the importance of female founders for the German startup ecosystem. The goal of the Female Founders Monitor is to support women entrepreneurs in Germany and to promote the openness, diversity and competitiveness of the startup ecosystem. On the basis of facts and figures, the FFM raises awareness of the conditions for female founders, identifies current challenges and fosters social change.

Three Goals

Startup research

The FFM aims to advance startup research by focusing the attention on the position of female founders in this field.

Motivation and challenges

As a result, the specific motives of female founders and their challenges in the startup ecosystem are made visible.

Empowerment of women

Our goal is to create new momentum for empowering women in the tech sector and in business as a whole.

Results at a glance

The share of female founders in Germany is only 15.7 %

The majority of startups in Germany are led by all-male teams, while female founders are strongly underrepresented. This imbalance leaves an enormous innovative, economic and technical potential untapped.

Women are more likely
to embrace social and
sustainable business models

In addition to their entrepreneurial drive, female founders are more strongly motivated by overarching goals than male founders: their motivation is closely related to the green economy and social entrepreneurship. As a result, startups led by female entrepreneurs are characterized by their strong connection between economy and society.

Female founders
drive innovation in
the healthcare system

In the context of the current corona crisis, the strong presence of female entrepreneurs in the health and education sectors is particularly interesting – more than a quarter of all women-led startups are active in these two sectors. Female founders are therefore a fundamental driver of medical innovation and the digitization of the education system in Germany.

Women’s teams
are significantly less likely to receive large amounts of funding

Fast growth and raising high volumes of capital are still the exception for female founders: To date, only 5.2% of female-led teams have received one million euros or more – compared to 27.8% of male-founded teams.

Female-led startups are not getting enough attention from VCs and business angels

There is an overall “gender bias” in funding: When it comes to investments by business angels and venture capital funds, for example, there is an enormous gap between aspiration and reality among female-founded teams.

Many female founders still lack important networks

The resources provided by a strong network play a decisive role concerning the success or failure of a startup. All too often, female founders still lack access to the investment sector and the established economy.

Publishers and partners


Alexander Hirschfeld

leads the research department at the Startups Association.


Nina Wöss

has been actively shaping the European startup community since 2012.


Jannis Gilde

is part of the research department at the Startups Association.


Mayra Frank

is responsible for Google for Startups in Germany.


Zoé Gadsden

develops programs to supports founders for Google for Startups.